Understanding okex futures basic mechanics

Okex.com has the most liquid bitcoin futures market. Before you start trading there, it is vital that you understand the mechanics of this platform's futures contracts. What you trade at okex is not your vanilla direct futures, it is, what is called, an inverse futures contracts. To get the basic…


What is inverse Bitcoin futures contract?

Most likely you already know, that futures contracts trading is possible without physical delivery of the traded asset and profit/loss is settled directly in cash between parties (explained here: What is a futures contract?). In case of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the ability to trade them versus fiat currencies without…


What are futures contracts?

A future is an exchange-traded forward contract. Commodity producers and goods manufacturers have used forward contracts for many years. For example, the producer of coffee beans may want to lock in the price at which he will be able to sell his harvest. In this way, he protects his business…


How does option contract work?

An option is a financial contract between two parties - option writer (seller of the contract) and option holder (buyer of the contract). Holder receives a right to buy (call) or sell (put) a specified financial asset at a predetermined price (strike price) during a period of contract validity or…

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